Your trip in 6 easy steps

A clear & simple roadmap

To avoid ambiguity, we have summarized the steps of your travel in a clear overview. Your travel agent will talk this through with you at the beginning of your trip to avoid any confusion. We are also available 24/7 for all your questions.

The roadmap contains 6 steps up to your arrival at your destination. Upon arrival, you will be received by your local representative who will hand over a file with all the necessary documents for your trip. This includes, among other things, city maps, routes, documents of the sights including addresses, descriptions of access, quizzes, questionnaires, important phone numbers and visit confirmations. A duplicate of this is also in the possession of your local representative.

If you have any questions or comments regarding your roadmap, feel free to contact us by telephone or email!

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  • 01

    Determine Budget, Destination & Travel Duration

    First, it is important to know what the options are within your budget. Determine this in advance and from there your personal travel agent can inform you of the primary cost of your trip, depending on destination, period and duration of travel. Secondary costs relating to the content of your journey are in agreement within your budget determined.

  • 02

    Choose your Programme

    We offer you the opportunity to choose from a complete pre-composed standard programme. These programmes contain the most requested attractions and offer a complete picture of your destination. Both active, cultural and educational, students will find a challenge in here. It is possible to add something else to your visit if you prefer to do an activity not included. We also offer travel without any program, just staying with the host families.

  • 03

    Your quote will be sent

    Within days, and in some cases directly, you will be sent a quotation. This is done after consultation of the details of your trip in regards to the number of students and teachers. Also for the teachers there are host families available, however this is not an obligation. In most cases breakfast, lunch and dinner are included. This and various other factors are thoroughly discussed in advance with you, so there are no surprises.

  • 04

    Contract & Payment

    A contract is made in which the agreed services detailed are quoted. In most cases we ask you to meet 25% of the total immediately after booking. And 75% of the total at least 1 month before arrival and the remaining 25% minimum 2 weeks before arrival.

  • 05

    Your Trip details

    A week before your arrival, we will send you all necessary travel details. It includes, among other things, the following described: details your transport, accommodation, planning/program and any important phone numbers and a complete overview of your trip, in which there is still plenty of time to make any adjustments.

  • 06

    Arrival & Receipt

    The local representative will greet you depending on the time of arrival at your destination. At the end of the day the students are picked up at a specific venue by their host families. This venue is held as marketing-and pick-up point. And to avoid any confusion, we make sure that your travel agent remains from step 1.

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