Internship in Spain

An unforgettable internship in Spain

Internship abroad is exciting and provides the necessary experience to improve your languages and knowledge of foreign cultures. Plan your internship in at Multiturismo and know that you can grab your bags carefree. Many others have gone before you and have had a wonderful time in this beautiful culture-rich country.

You can also choose to a cultural program to link to your stay. We ensure that your stay in Spain is completed with the most interesting sights in the city of your choice.

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Which internships are offered?

Our selection of internships varies from Office to working on a horse ranch. Send us your C.V. on and give your wishes and we will ensure that there is an appropriate work placement for you.
As we are a Spanish company, we have numerous contacts in various sectors. We would like to hear from you, where you would like to visit and what you would like to do.


Where will I stay?

We have host families in Madrid, Barcelona, Córdoba, Valencia, Málaga and Seville. Host families offer  the best solution, both financially and educationally during a period of study. When staying with a host family in addition to the fact that it is financially attractive accomodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner are also included in the price
Please provide with your application specifics as to what you would like to do or do not would like to see at your host family. For example, your allergies, Wi-Fi connection, pets, and so on.
Would you like to also just use one of our host families and you can arrange your internship? This is of course no problem.


Why Multiturismo?

We are a company which has been working with host families for almost 30 years. For long term stays, for example on internships, we will make sure you get the best host family. Still not satisfied? No problem, there is always another family ready to take you in. We are 100% certain that you will have a flawless internship. Personal service is our top priority. When needed, we can pick you up from the airport!


What else should I arrange?

Students from the EU can visit Spain without a visa. When you have a passport from outside the EU, we recommend that you contact the Spanish Embassy in your home country.

Before going to Spain leaves you have to make sure that you are well insured against medical expenses. If you are younger than 30 years and no placement fee is you seen as a student and you can keep your Dutch health insurance. Ask at your insurance company the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). It may be that you already have the map: he is on the back of your health insurance card. With this card you can prove that you are insured in Spain. You then have the right to emergency medical assistance.
If you have a placement fee, this is usually regarded as paid work. You can retain your Dutch health insurance or not. You can evaluate your insurance status at the Sociale Verzekeringsbank (SVB) to get on this security. If you’re in Spain lives and works, you’re automatically insured via the Spanish sickness insurance institution. You can also have private supplemental insurance.

In addition to a health insurance it is recommended to take out travel insurance. If you already have a 12 month travel insurance, check if this adequate coverage for your entire training period. Often, there is a limit to the period in which you are insured abroad.


How much is it?

Life in Spain is generally a lot cheaper than other Western countries in the EU. Aso when staying with a host family your breakfast, lunch and dinner is included.
Depending on the duration of your stay and the location we will offer you the most advantageous option as possible.

If we find no suitable internship for you, you owe us nothing. Therefore you have nothing to lose.

After by both parties, trainee and internship, have approved all the conditions, we require a deposit. With this amount indicates that you are a serious participant.

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