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Seville is the capital of Andalusia and is one of the largest Spanish cities with more than 700,000 inhabitants. This large sun-drenched city, located on the over 60 km long Guadalquivir, will enchant you with its charm and many features. On every corner, every idyllic street and each square a new discovery. Known worldwide for its culture, monuments, traditions and artistic heritage.

It is an infectious romantic city full of life and opportunities where your eyes definitely costs are given. In the winding streets with tapas bars, you’ll recognize the specific charm and style of Andalusia. Let yourself be raided by the many attractions and the wonderful climate. Seville is also the birthplace of Flamenco dance and is a proud city with a clearly noticeable culture of bullfighting.

Day programs fully customizable to your liking. Leave especially with one of our travel experts inquire into the challenging educational programs in & around Seville. Host families are available through the whole city.

We also offer a trip to Seville as day program during your stay in Córdoba or Málaga.

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The following activities can be added to your day trip Seville. If you want to build yourself a day programme you can choose from the selection below!



multiturismo madrid barcelona valencia Seville cordoba travel agency school travel SpainAt the bottom of the Giralda tower is the gigantic Cathedral of Seville. It is one of the last Spanish Gothic cathedrals and the influence of the renaissance style can be easily seen all over. With its impressive size, the Cathedral of Seville the largest Cathedral of the Christian world, after St. Peter’s in the Vatican City and Saint Paul’s in London. Inside the Cathedral, everything is cremated by the grandeur and wealth of this universe of stone, stained glass and fences. Remember when visiting this overwhelming masterpiece to bring an extra roll of film.


multiturismo madrid barcelona valencia Seville cordoba travel agency school travel SpainThe Giralda is exceptional scenic and ecological. During the day, the tower is contrasted against the deep blue sky, while the tower at night is beautifully illuminated and stands out against the dark background. One can reach the Bell Tower (70 m) by climbing up via stairs. This staircase was constructed so it would be able for horsesback to reach the top. It’s definitely worth the trip up. Take your time to enjoy the view that changes at every corner: ‘ El patio de los Naranjos ‘, Santa Cruz or details of the Cathedral and Alcázar that you can’t see from the ground. Once at the top, the difficulty of the climb is rewarded with the beautiful panoramic view of the entire city.


Multiturismo madrid barcelona Seville roadmap cordoba travel agency school travel SpainIn the middle the admirable square, “Plaza de la Encarnacion” it is impossible not to notice these incredible structures. By the typical shape this construction work “Las Setas”, the mushrooms. The opening of this 70 x 150 ft parasol-shaped structure was in 2011. Today open to visitors for a truly breathtaking view over the whole city. Surprisingly enough, since it is only 26 meters high in the middle of the city, this new iconic building makes everyone a top photographer.
The lower level of the structure contains the Antiquarium (archaeological museum), This Roman and Moorish remains, dating from the first century BC to the 12th century AD, were discovered when the area was excavated to build a parking lot in 2003.


multiturismo madrid barcelona Seville cordoba travel agency school travel SpainWith olive trees as far as the eye can see, olive oil in every kitchen and the mass production of olives, is a visit to an olive oil mill almost unthinkable. Andalusia should a large part of its economy thanks to the ideal climate for growing olives. The production of this is nowhere near as easy as often thought. To create the perfect taste, many factors. See with your own eyes how the olive oil from the olives.


multiturismo madrid barcelona Seville cordoba travel agency school travel SpainThe best horses come from Spain, this is a well known fact. Andalusia is the birthplace of “The Pure Spanish Thoroughbred”, one of the biggest horse races ever existed. The Spanish Thoroughbred was a very popular horse and quickly became a striking symbol of the Spanish Empire. During the show, you get to see where all these horses are capable of. With great perfection horses are sent on unthinkable ways. You don’t have to be a horse lover to enjoy this stunning show.


multiturismo madrid barcelona Seville cordoba travel agency school travel SpainThe Bullfight, or corrida, has existed for thousands of years. The natives, Hispanics, revered the Bull as a god. The form has since been changed, however the target, killing the bull, has remained the same. During this show, you will have none of this. An animal-friendly show in an arena, in which the art of “dancing with the bull” is demonstrated. The Matador, or bullfighter, is dressed in traditional clothing and shows how he’s in control of the giant bull. A very impressive display.


The Alcazar Palace
Alcazar-Seville-multiturismoThe Alcazar (los Reales Alcazares) was built in 913. For its beauty, the Alcazar during the centuries was often chosen as the residence of many States. The beautiful gardens, decorated with fountains and pavilions, offer an authentic oasis in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city centre. The Alcazar Palace is definitely the most impressive monument of Seville. Not to be missed during your visit to the city.

Plaza de España y Parque de Maria Luisa
Plaza-espana-sevilla-multiturismoOne of the wonders that Seville has to offer is the Plaza de España. This is an architectural complex framed in the park (Parque de Maria Luisa). Construction has begun in 1914 and is one of the most spectacular buildings of the regional architecture. The Parque de Maria Luisa is the public garden and largest park in the city. Perfect for a walk between the tiled fountains, intimate pavilions, lush vegetation and a variety of beautiful birds.

Los Pueblos Blancos
Pueblos-blancos-sevilla-multiturismoLocated in the mountains near Sevilla is a visit to Los Pueblos Blancos (white villages) definitely a must. The origin of the name lies in the appearance of the buildings. Residents decorate their white painted houses with brightly colored flowers which, in combination with the bright sun, the Brown mountain peaks, the green hills and the blue sky, ensure a true color explosion. The surrounding area is known for its spectacular rugged limestone landscape of cliffs, canyons, caves and Gorges. Every step of the way offers something new in this haven of spectacular colorful landscapes.

Plaza de Toros de la Maestranza
Plaza-toros-sevilla-multiturismoThe arena of the Real Maestranza de Caballería is the place for bullfights that take place in Seville. It is considered the most traditional place for bullfights in Spain. Originally of wood built in 1733, in ««Baratillo Hill (market place), makes this one of the oldest arena’s of Spain and also the first oval shaped. It is a popular tourist attraction and is one of the most visited monuments of the city.

Basilica de la Macarena
Macarena-Seville-multiturismoThis church houses the most valuable treasure in Seville, the Virgin de la Esperanza, also known as the Macarena, named after the neighbourhood in which the Basilica stands. Construction began in 1941 and ended in the year 1949. It is highly recommended to visit the Hermandad de la Esperanza Macarena where the treasure State.

Barrio de Santa Cruz
Santa-cruz-sevilla-multiturismoThis district is where most tourists go when first visiting Sevilla, and this is for good reason. It is the most picturesque and beautiful part of the city. With the narrow streets and whitewashed houses, where delicious tapas and outside at a bar and drink. Stroll through the ancient gardens, wandering around by the squares with orange trees and get lost in the maze of small alleys unlikely. It will certainly be one of the best memories of the visit to Seville.

Acuario Seville (Aquarium)
Aquarium-sevilla-multiturismoThe aquarium of Seville was opened in 2014. It keeps home to over 7000 marine animals and reptiles, more than 400 species and are divided into 35 tanks. The star attraction is a tunnel through a 9 meter deep tank where 2 Bull sharks in swimming. Guided tours are recommended, especially for schools.

Guidalquivir Cruise
boat-cruise-sevilla-multiturismoDiscover the city of Seville from a different, special perspective, aboard a river cruise along the Guidalquivir. Enjoy some incredible views of this vibrant city on the banks of the River, where you can get a unique insight in the historic city of Seville with its elegant bridges, medieval castles and towers and many fascinating monuments.

Isla Magica
Isla-magica-sevilla-multiturismoAn amusement park located in the Northwest of the city on the theme of the adventures in the 16-century colonial Spain. With various adrenaline exciting attractions such as the Anaconda and El Jaguar. During the day, various shows and in the evening a night show at the beautifully lit up more. The amusement park is suitable for all ages.

Monasterio de la Cartuja
Monasterio-cartuja-sevilla-multiturismoThis large walled complex located on the Isla la Cartuja has seen many ups and downs during its long and dramatic history. This 16th-century monastery consists of a beautiful entrance gate with surrounding terrain and a lake. It is a well kept secret, so it will never be too busy to tourists.

Museo del Baile Flamenco
Museo-baile-flamenco-sevilla-multiturismoFor many visitors to Seville flamenco is one of the greatest treasures. People flee en masse to the many “tablaos” (flamenco bars) to flamenco shows to see and to taste a little of this Andalusian culture during a visit to the city. In the beautiful 18th century “Casa de Palacio” (Palace House) is home to the Museum of Flamenco dance.

Conjunto Archeologico the Italica
Ruinas-italica-Seville-multiturismoThe Roman ruins and remarkable mosaics of Italica are less than 9 km to the North of the city. Italica was the birthplace of three emperors and one of the oldest Roman settlements in Spain, founded in 206 BC. It rose to considerable military importance in the 2nd and 3rd century AD. During the middle ages, the ruins were used as a source of stone for Seville, but fortunately, the Amphitheater survived.


Tapas-workshop-multiturismoEnjoy the Andalusian cuisine with all your senses and discover the inner chef in this unique and fun experience. Enjoy the smells, textures and flavours of the best products of the season. During the workshop you will learn from the chef the techniques and tricks of the trade that will help you to make delicious Paella or Tapas. At the end of the workshop, there is only one thing to do: enjoy your tapas and match this with fine Spanish wines and cava’s. ¡Buen provecho!


Language school-barcelona-multiturismoWhere you can learn a language faster when in the country itself. The lessons are in Spanish or in English. In addition, the level of the groups are matched, so that the lessons are for everyone to follow. During classes, there can be varying intensities, especially for those who like a challenge!


Rumba-barcelona-multiturismoThe Rumba dance has its origin in Africa and it portrays the man in an aggressive manner, while the woman a defensive position. The name Rumba is Spanish and literally means “Party”. The dance has become a very internationally known dance and knows his various versions. Similarly in Spain this magical dance is often performed in a typical way. Learn the basics and enjoy!


Mosaic-workshop-barcelona-multiturismoDuring the ceramics workshop this family business will not just introduce you to the artform of clay-making, but you will also learn the various leg-and painting techniques. Learn how to work with the guidance of a professional. Clay kneading, turntable and paint are part of the workshop. At the end everyone gets the opportunity to buy hand made works of art as souvenirs at a very reasonable price.


Flamenco-workshop-multiturismoWould you like to master a typical Spanish dance ? Let a professional dance teacher lead you and create the Foundation for a good flamenco dancer. Learn the rhythms, steps and attitude within short time. Who knows, maybe there is a flamenco King/Queen somewhere in you.


multiturismo madrid barcelona Seville cordoba travel agency school travel SpainDuring the workshop you will be in the arena-capea posted with the bull, however is this originally for the novice Bullfighter. So is there no bull in the ring, but the female, the vaca. These are slightly smaller and have smaller horns. What the less dangerous in the ring with these beasts. During the workshop you will learn how you can dodge the vaca and various other techniques to itself does not get injured. A guaranteed once-in-a-lifetime adrenaline rush.


multiturismo madrid barcelona Seville cordoba travel agency school travel SpainEverywhere around Andalusia you can see the typical tiles. Concentrated in Córdoba the buildings are tiled with the history of the Arab in combination with the Catholic periods. Each building has its stories due to the ceramics in and around. With this workshop, you will have the opportunity to own a piece of history. Create a tile in the traditional way. Learn some history and learn to appreciate the city and its buildings more afterwards.


Bicing-Barcelona-multiturismoDon’t think your only options for transport in Seville by a crowded tour bus, an expensive private tour or even public transport. With the bicycle rental in Seville you can admire the sights at your own pace. Or follow a guided tour passing the highlights of the city.


multiturismo madrid barcelona valencia Seville cordoba travel agency school travel SpainThis football stadium was built in 1929 and has space for more than 47000 spectators. Because of its proximity to the river Guadalquivir the stadium was badly damaged during a flood in 1948. A visit to this legendary stadium is a guaranteed success among the students. Even the non-soccer fans are impressed with the thorough tour of the changing rooms, press room, trophy room, VIP stand and of course the football field.


Terra-mitica-barcelona-multiturismoTerra mitica is a theme park located in Benidorm, Costa Blanca. The park is divided into 5 themed zones: Egypt, Greece, Rome, the Iberian Peninsula and the Islands. When Paramount bought most of the shares in 2000 of the park, the park got the name Paramount Parks Terra Mítica. In 2004, Paramount Parks decided to sell the shares. The region of Valencia took the park.

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