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In this history-rich city, situated in Andalusia, are the roots of Multiturismo. Undeniably the most complete programmes offered thanks to the thorough knowledge of this world city.

On the banks of the Guadalquivir River, you can enjoy wonderful views of the old town with the Mezquita. A city known for the peaceful and prosperous society of 3 religious cultures: Islamic, Jewish & Christian. In which still many traces scattered throughout the historic centre.

When you walk through Córdoba, you will constantly be amazed by this historic city, and will notice all the love of its inhabitants for their city. Buildings are preserved in its original state, even the new construction is in the authentic style. Every nook, alley, square is a work of art in itself.

Day programmes fully customizable to your liking. Check especially inquire into the challenging educational programmes in & around Córdoba. Host families available through the whole city or enter your preferred area of residence.

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The following activities can be added to your day trip Córdoba. If you want to build yourself a day programme you can choose from the selection below!



Cordoba travel agency multiturismo madrid barcelona school travel SpainThe most extraordinary building of Córdoba is the Mezquita. This is a unique combination of a huge mosque with a cathedral, also called the mosque-Cathedral. With its 23,000m2 of surface, it is one of the largest mosques in the world. More than 800 columns, gilded bronze doors, mosaic, pressure decorated ceilings, detailed carvings and Golden altars deliver a beautiful picture on. Something you have probably never seen in your life. The Mezquita in Córdoba is a must!


Cordoba travel agency multiturismo madrid barcelona school travel SpainIn regards to bullfighting everyone has there own opinion. Regardless of this opinion there will be a tour of the ranch where the bulls bred to be an enormously positive impression. A very impressive tour over the landscape where the bulls breed. Learn the differences between the bulls, the tendrils, age and gender. Learn more about bullfighting and the history. But above all, let your dazzle while you’re on some metres away face to face with this majestic beasts.


Cordoba travel agency multiturismo madrid barcelona school travel SpainNo dance is more typical than the Spanish Flamenco. Enjoy this enchanting whole traditionally executed show while enjoying a snack and a drink. In the meantime you will learn the various rhythms and claps everyone with it. Continue to stretch out and enjoy the dancers either, for the daredevils, one should at the end also, have a dance. Guaranteed to be a highly entertaining and memorable day.


Cordoba travel agency multiturismo madrid barcelona school travel SpainThe “Synagoga de Córdoba” is a historic building in the Jewish quarter, built in 1315. It is built in the Mudejar style, making it a feast for the eyes. Stories and history of the building exist from the first step. After the expulsion of the Jews from Spain in 1492, the building was dedicated to different functions. However in 1885, it was declared a National Monument.


Cordoba travel agency multiturismo madrid barcelona school travel SpainThe Alcázar (Castle) of Córdoba, with the thick defensive walls, served both as a fortress and a Palace, and is the perfect illustration of the development of the Córdoban architecture over the years. With its high towers, impressive rooms, impeccable architecture and an even more impressive garden, this is trip more than worth it and this is definitely a must.


Cordoba travel agency multiturismo madrid barcelona school travel SpainThe Jewish quarter, either La Judería, is a very popular tourist attraction. The Jews formed during the Arab period as an important ethnic group in the city. They always lived peacefully next to the Moors, but when the Catholics came to power, the Jews were expelled in 1492. They left this beautiful quarter behind. Narrow streets, small squares and authentic white houses decorated with flowers are present in this area. The many tapas bars & souvenir shops make La Judería most touristy district of Córdoba. Nevertheless, it is highly recommended to take a quiet stroll through it.


Cordoba travel agency multiturismo madrid barcelona school travel SpainWith olive trees as far as the eye can see, olive oil in every kitchen and the mass production of olives,a visit to an olive mill is unmissable. A large part of Andalusia’s economy is thanks to the ideal climate for growing olives. The production of this is nowhere near as easy as often thought. To create the perfect taste, many factors are required. See with your own eyes how the olive oil is extraced from the olives.


Cordoba travel agency multiturismo madrid barcelona school travel SpainThe best horses come from Spain, this is a well known fact. Andalusia is the birthplace of “The Pure Spanish Thoroughbred”, one of the biggest horse breeds to have ever existed. The Spanish Thoroughbred was a very popular horse and quickly became a striking symbol of the Spanish Empire. During the show, you get to see what all these horses are capable of. With great perfection horses are seen as never before. You don’t have to be a horse lover to enjoy this stunning show.


Cordoba travel agency multiturismo madrid barcelona school travel SpainThe Bullfight, or corrida, has existed for thousands of years. The natives, Hispanics, revered the Bull as a god. The form has since been changed, however the target, killing the bull, has remained the same. During this show, you will have none of this. An animal-friendly show in an arena, in which the art of “dancing with the bull” is demonstrated. The Matador, or bullfighter, is dressed in traditional clothing and shows how he’s in control of the giant bull. A very impressive display.


Cordoba travel agency multiturismo madrid barcelona school travel SpainSpain has traditionally been one of the most important wine-producing countries in the world. What the wineries in Spain so interesting, is the rich history and passion for the profession. Learn all about the production process and see with their own eyes how the wine from grape to drops is manufactured. And after the visit to the winery it is of course possible to taste the manufactured product.


Tapas-workshop-multiturismoEnjoy the Andalusian cuisine with all your senses and discover the inner chef in this unique and fun experience. Enjoy the smells, textures and flavours of the best products of the season. During the workshop you will learn from the chef the techniques and tricks of the trade that will help you to make delicious Paella or Tapas. At the end of the workshop, there is only one thing to do: enjoy your tapas and match this with fine Spanish wines and cava’s. ¡Buen provecho!


Language school-barcelona-multiturismoWhere you can learn a language faster in the country itself. The lessons are in Spanish or in English. Experience lessons given by a spanish teacher from a real language Institute. In addition, the level of the groups are matched, so that the lessons are for everyone to follow. During classes, activities can vary from easy to challenging.


Rumba-barcelona-multiturismoThe Rumba dance has its origin in Africa and it portrays the man in an aggressive manner, while the womanis in a defensive position. The name Rumba is Spanish and literally means “Party”. The dance has become a very internationally known dance and knows his various versions. Similarly in Spain is this magical dance is performed in a typical way. Learn the basics and enjoy!


Mosaic-workshop-barcelona-multiturismoDuring the ceramics workshop, this family business not only introduce you to the basics of clay-making, but you will also learn the various leg-and painting techniques. Learn how you work with the colors by a professional. Clay kneading, turntable and paint are part of the workshop. At the end everyone gets the opportunity to buy hand made works of art as souvenirs.


Flamenco-workshop-multiturismoWould you like to master a typical Spanish dance? Let a professional dance teacher led you and create the foundation for a good flamenco dancer. Learn the rhythms, steps and attitude within short time. Who knows, maybe there is a flamenco King/Queen somewhere in you.


Cordoba travel agency multiturismo madrid barcelona school travel SpainEverywhere around Andalusia you can see the typical tiles. Concentrated in Córdoba the buildings are tiled with the history of the Arab in combination with the Catholic periods. Each building has its stories due to the ceramics in and around. With this workshop, you will have the opportunity to own a piece of history. Create a tile in the traditional way. Learn some history and learn to appreciate the city and its buildings more afterwards.


Cordoba travel agency multiturismo madrid barcelona school travel SpainDuring the workshop you will be in the arena-capea posted with the bull, however is this originally for the novice Bullfighter. So is there no bull in the ring, but the female, the vaca. These are slightly smaller and have smaller horns. What the less dangerous in the ring with these beasts. During the workshop you will learn how you can dodge the vaca and various other techniques to itself does not get injured. A guaranteed once-in-a-lifetime adrenaline rush.


Bicing-Barcelona-multiturismoAlso for some variety in the cultural & educational trips, you can count on us. In order to be able to burn some energy, we offer excursions in Córdoba, such as:
-Skate in the largest indoor skate park of Andalusia,
-Paintball at one of the many great outdoor playgrounds,
-Swimming in outdoor water park,
-Karting on the indoor karting course,
And guided bicycle tours through the surrounding area of Córdoba.


Cordoba travel agency multiturismo madrid barcelona school travel SpainThe Córdoba Zoo is a perfect place to learn more about the Andalusian nature. Visitors can view a collection of animals living in the South of Spain, Africa and live somewhere else. The Zoo is home to approximately 300 animals including 78 species. For some time, it is also the new home of a couple of polar Lynx, a Wolf group, Lions, zebras, ostriches.


Terra-mitica-barcelona-multiturismoTerra mitica is a theme park located in Benidorm, Costa Blanca. The park is divided into 5 themed zones: Egypt, Greece, Rome, the Iberian Peninsula and the Islands. When Paramount bought most of the shares in 2000 of the park, the park got the name Paramount Parks Terra Mítica. In 2004, Paramount Parks decided to sell the shares. The region of Valencia took the park.

Córdoba is rich in history, this is reflected in the many historical buildings and the overall street scene. Pieces of this great story rich history can be found in the many museums of this city.

Patio Museum (Viana Palace)
Palacio-de-viano-cordoba-multiturismoSet in a 14th-century palace, this museum known as courtyard Museum, because the Palace no less than 12 beautiful courtyards (patios). Richly planted with palm trees, orange trees, cypresses, Myrtle plants and flowers. Apart from these patios that worth a visit on their own, the Palace offers an impressive interior, including leather wall hangings, movable historical collections of artifacts and firearms. Worth mentioning is a library with a total of 7,000 volumes.

Casa de las Cabezas
Casa-de-las-cabezas-cordoba-multiturismoThis is a small museum in the heart of the city. The House offers you a trip back to the middle ages. It shows the way of life of a 14th-century aristocratic family.

Baños Califales
Banos-Califales-cordoba-multiturismoThe remains of ancient Arabic baths or baths of the Caliphate. Making an authentic insight into the way of life in the historic Islamic Córdoba.

Museo de la Inquisición (Museum of the Inquisition)
Museo-de-la-Inquisicion-cordoba-multiturismoProbably Europe’s most extensive exhibition of torture instruments. This museum is well worth a visit. Experience how medieval suspects were arrested, tortured and eventually sentenced between the 13th and 19th century and learn about one of the darkest and most brutal aspects of the Spanish and European history.

Casa Museo Arte sobre Piel (leather museum)
Casa-Museo-Arte-sobre-Piel-cordoba-multiturismoThis museum is located in the heart of the historic centre. It gives life’s work of Ramón García Romero again, which is responsible for the revival of the art of making so-called Cordobanes (artistic pieces edited leather). Five halls contain the most brilliant pieces of his work, as well as artifacts and lots of information.

Museo Arqueológico
Museo Arqueologico-cordoba-multiturismo-
This archaeological museum features treasures from the rich cultural heritage of Córdoba. Including prehistoric crafts, Roman statues and mosaics, as well as artifacts of the Roman, Visigothic and Iberian origin.
The upper floor of the museum is dedicated to the Moorish culture and history. One of the most impressive exhibits is a bronze statue of a deer that was found during excavations of the former Palace city of Medina Azahara. A must to see are the remains of a Roman Theatre, integrated with the Renaissance museum building.

Museo Julio Romero de Torres
Museo-Julio Romero-de-Torres-cordoba-multiturismoThis museum displays a large collection of paintings by Julio Romero de Torres, which a resident of Córdoba was and is considered one of the greatest painters of Spain.

Museo de Bellas Artes
Museo-de-Bellas-Artes-cordoba-multiturismoThis museum (Museum of fine arts) shows mainly famous paintings from the time of the Andalusian Baroque. However are also paintings of other eras. Founded in 1862, this museum is one of the oldest museums in Córdoba. Located on the Plaza del Potro square where a former church home to this exhibition is. Paintings that can be admired, include works by famous Spanish painters like Goya, Murillo and Valdés.

Museo del Toreo (Museum of bullfighting)
Museo-del-Toreo-cordoba-multiturismoAs the name implies, this museum (Museo Taurino) dedicated to bullfighting in Córdoba, along with its long tradition. Memorabilia of fabulous toreadors, posters, photographs, paintings can be admired, as well as trophies and more. The museum let the backgrounds of famous toreadors. Including the career of Manolete, who was fatally injured during a bullfight in 1947. Also the head of the bull that killed Manolete.

Museo de al-Andalus Torre de la Calahorra
Museo-de-al-Andalus-Torre-de-la-Calahorra-cordoba-multiturismoThe Calahorra tower houses a museum where history comes to life. Using advanced technology visitors get an impression of the way of life and culture of the former residents of Andalusia. Interactive displays show how the Eastern and Western cultures blend together and how the three different cultures, Muslims, Jews and Christians lived together peacefully.

Museo Etnobotánico (botanical museum)
Museo-Etnobotánico-cordoba-multiturismoA special museum located on the Córdoba Botanical Garden. Inaugurated in 1980, one examines the human relationship with the world of plants. This museum is unique in Spain.

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