Black Friday Córdoba

Black Friday Córdoba

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Tomorrow is Black Friday in Córdoba:

A total of 350 stores taking part in the sell-madness. The entire day will be the theme of "Bottom Prices & deep discounts".

black-fridayA total of 350 shops in the center of the city are looking forward to a new edition of the promotion and hosting Black Friday. They offer discounts on hundreds of products and thus announce the kickoff for the Christmas season.

In addition, there are various activities throughout the city for ages. Think of concerts in multiple locations, play activities for children, a circus, workshops and much more.

Where this day finally matters is to boost sales. If today you walk through the streets of Córdoba, you will have noticed that hardly any customers walking around the shops. Everyone today, as opposed to tomorrow, firm hand on its wallet. 

In the bars and terraces you hear people talk about their "tactics" for tomorrow. What time they go into the city, where they start and / or they are going to shop online. The rumors that certain brands within 30 minutes after opening will be sold. Black Friday lives in the streets of Córdoba.

Córdoba is a city that always learn to go with her surroundings. There is always something organized for residents. Is the famous pop-up fish market / restaurant just left, stands the Christmas market in the center ready for opening. The ice rink built and are currently working on the annual theme which is placed specially for children.

This amazing city through the eyes of a tourist, "It has everything you would expect from a city. The rich history, its many universities, luxury and traditional restaurants and lively nightlife. Anyway radiates serenity and you'll notice throughout the city love the proud residents. "


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